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The Alora Farm Project: Cultivating Community Through Barn Raising

We believe in the power of community—a shared bond that brings us together in common purpose and unity. As caregivers searching for a home for your autistic loved ones, we understand the importance of finding a supportive and inclusive environment. We wanted to take a moment to share with you the journey of what we are calling (for now) The Alora Farm Project. It's been quite the ride, and we're excited to give you a glimpse into how we got to where we are today.

Truth be told, there were moments when we weren't sure if we'd make it. The path was filled with COVID and inflation challenges, and there were times when it felt like we were barely hanging on. But here we are, and it's all thanks to the support we've received along the way by organizations and kind donors who want this to work as much as we do.

You see, this project wasn't just a dream—it was a calling. And just when we needed it most, funding came through, like a gentle breeze breathing life into our efforts. It was a reminder that some things are just meant to be, and that belief has carried us through every twist and turn.

July 2020
In July 2020, amidst the turmoil of the Covid-19 pandemic, Alora took its inaugural steps as a legal entity, signifying the formal initiation of our mission to establish a Camphill Village inspired communal, residential farm for neurodivergent individuals.
July 2020-May 2022
In those first two years, we faced some serious financial hurdles, especially with the pandemic wreaking havoc on everything. Trying to secure grants felt like trying to catch a shooting star—elusive and just out of reach. And when those social distancing rules kicked in, we had to hit pause on our face-to-face events.

Yvette and her husband took decisive action during this time to start conversations about Alora, investing thousands of their own dollars to propel the project forward. Recognizing the need for a fresh approach to neurodiversity support for adults, they enlisted the expertise of a professional branding firm. They designed our homepage, created captivating logos, selected appealing color palettes and fonts, and curated engaging content.

These efforts were driven by the goal of introducing The Alora Farm Project to audiences across Texas and beyond through various social media platforms, with the hope of attracting potential board members and investors.
Social distancing graphic. Text reads Preventing Covid 19, We need to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and protect ourselves and others. Remember to follow the guidelines to keep yourself secure from COVID.
June 2022
Fast forward to the summer of 2022, and a transformative donation breathed new life into our project. Still searching for land or financial backing to buy land and build a farm, this act of generosity infused us with renewed hope and determination. With this support, we seized the opportunity to initiate events like Twilight and offer classes on earthwork, such as terrarium building. These endeavors weren't just about programs—they were about fostering connections and creating spaces where everyone, regardless of their neurodivergence, could come together.

These small yet significant steps allowed us to begin manifesting our vision and making a tangible difference in the lives of our community members.
A group of people at an outdoor gathering under a large round, art, pavilion. There is a popcorn machine, and table setup.
A group of white women outdoors making terrariums.
We participated in local Bandera County events such as resource fairs and back-to-school gatherings, and we lent a hand with fundraisers. These efforts were our way of expressing gratitude for the county's support and strengthening our connections within the community.
Photo of an attractive BIPOC woman at a table outdoors. she is wearing a tie dye shirt and the table is in front of some goats.
Photo of a BIPOC woman with curly brown hair, brown skin, wearing a black, white, and red striped blouse. Silver earrings and necklace. She is outdoors in a field at golden hour.

There came a point where we had to ask if we were cheating our son out of life experiences by pouring so much of our own money into this project? We could buy an RV and travel the country with him, but that wouldn't solve the much needed residential arrangement for him and others when we caregivers transition out of this realm. So I'm in this. My son and others too will be ok.

- Yvette, Founder & CEO of Alora

December 2022 - April 2023
We explored potential land deals, we came close a few times, but unfortunately, none of them worked out. However, during this period of searching and researching, we ventured into the realm of art.

Introducing ANA (Alora Neurodivergent Art Dealers), and our very own ReRoute Art Magazine—an endeavor that later earned a nomination for a Celebrating Neurodiversity award.

These platforms serve a dual purpose: not only do they offer income opportunities for neurodivergent artists, but they also provide a platform for them to express themselves and challenge societal norms.

By launching ANA and ReRoute, we demonstrated our unwavering support and love for the neurodivergent community. Moreover, these initiatives underscored the importance of presuming competence, and showing the faces on the neurovariant spectrum—a principle at the heart of our mission. ANA and ReRoute are spearheaded by a small, three-person, all-neurodivergent (AuDHD) volunteer editorial team and volunteer staff writer. Each member of this team, is reaping the rewards from having their work published in our publication and hanging in our gallery.
Ball of United Colours by Darren Hall is a ball of abstract colors against a blue background.
ANA logo. Says ANA Neurodivergent Art Dealers.
Photo of a BIPOC woman outdoors smiling at the camera. It is sunset golden hour.

We put those donor dollars to work on the art vision of our mission.

- Yvette, Founder of Alora

Graphic with text that reads, 2023 nominee Celebrating Neurodiversity Award.
ReRoute Logo. White background, orange letters that say ReRoute Art Magazine.
As we pour our hearts into finding and building our forever home, moments of doubt are met with unexpected grace. It's like the universe conspires in our favor, sending us crucial donations just when we need them most. Call it fate or simply good luck, but deep down, we feel this project is destined to succeed. With every contribution, we're reminded of the kindness and generosity of our community. Together, we're weaving a future where peace, inclusion, happiness, joy, and community flow as naturally as the earth beneath our feet.
Photo of a terrarium jar.

Dear Caregiver: Your Love Makes All the Difference

Building a Haven for Your Loved One

To all caregivers who pour their love and dedication into caring for their neurodivergent loved ones, we see you and we appreciate you. Your love fuels our mission at Alora, as we strive to create a sanctuary where your loved ones feel accepted, understood, and valued. Together, let's continue to nurture a space filled with love, compassion, and unwavering support.

Click the photos below

Photo of a BIPOC woman and a white woman outdoors in a community garden. They are smiling at the camera.Photo of an attractive white young woman, outdoors, holding a white chicken.Photo of 4 female energy people working on a raised bed in a garden. It is a beautiful sunny day.Photo of a fuschia colored flower on a bright sunny day.Three women sitting behind a table at an outdoor event. It is a sunny day.A green bell pepper is hanging on a pepper plant.Photo of an attractive BIPOC male and a white woman outdoor making a terrarium jar.Photo of an outdoor venue at night. There is a carpet and yoga mats and singing bowls, and drums.A pink pansy outdoors on a sunny day.Photo of a young white woman wearing a black jacket hoodie and black jeans, working in a raised bed.
We believe in keeping things genuine. It's all about community spirit – everyone lends a hand where they can.

Whether it's feeding our furry friends or keeping our online home running smoothly, there are bills to cover. It's worth noting that our board members and advisory team are all volunteers. They're here out of pure passion and care, not for any paycheck. From board meetings to advisory support, everyone pitches in with sleeves rolled up, driven by a shared love for our project.

Our income mainly comes from our garden programs, our vibrant rainbow eggs, and the kindness of donors like you. There's no pressure here – contribute whatever feels right for you. Every little bit goes a long way, believe us.

How You Can Help

Below, you'll find our monthly expenses along with their associated costs and purposes. Your generosity directly supports our farmers and stewards. Alora is a 501c3 public charity, making your donation tax-deductible. Your one-time contributions, as listed below, will be allocated towards areas of greatest need, covering our ongoing costs and contributing to our vision of securing permanent land in Texas and building a farm.

If you'd like to become a sustaining monthly donor, please click on the sticky button on the left side of this screen to bring up a pop-up form from Donorbox. Once the form appears, choose "Monthly" at the top to set up your recurring donation. Monthly donations provide crucial support by allowing us to budget and plan for the future.

WE LOVE OUR VOLUNTEERS! If you like to work in a garden or would like to mentor a neurodivergent person, please reach out to us volunter@alorafarm.org.

When you click on the 'Donate' buttons below, you will be directed to a Stripe checkout form. The checkout is set up for you to choose the amount you would like to contribute. Once there, click 'Change Amount' and enter the desired contribution amount.

Thank you in advance, your giving is not only an expression of your support of this charity, it reveals your compassion for the neurodivergent people who benefit from your generosity.

Chicken Feed

Food for happy healthy chickens. It takes four 40 lb bags of food to feed our flock per month. We purchase our animal feed from a hyper-local feed store located in Bandera, TX.
$25.00 /per bag

Chicken Scratch

Food for happy healthy chickens. It takes two 40 lb bags of scratch to feed the flock per month. We purchase our animal feed from a hyper-local family-owned, small business feed store located in Bandera, TX.
$25.00 /per bag

Alfalfa Hay

Food for happy healthy chickens. It takes two square bales of hay per month to feed the hens and give them eggs an extra shot of calcium, protein, nitrogen latte. We purchase our animal feed from a hyper-local family-owned, small business feed store located in Bandera, TX.
$21.00 /per bale

Supplies - Egg Carton

Packaging to sell our Rainbow Eggs in. Each carton holds 12 eggs.
$.90 /per carton

Small Plants

We don't have a greenhouse to start seeds so we have to buy them started. They range from food, herbs, pollinator host plants, and other beautiful flowers to bring beauty to the garden.
$5.00 /per average 3.5" pot

Assorted Small Garden Tools

Gloves, hand trowel, looper, pruners, garden fork, and more. Protection and tools for stewards and volunteers. We purchase our tools from hyper-local hardware stores, feed stores, or

Tech & Software

Costs to run this website, email, newsletter, phone, etc.
$95.00 /per month

Program Coordinator

We want to turn this position from a volunteer one into a staff full-time position with livable wage that includes PTO & Holidays.
$20.00 /per hour

Guide / Program Facilitator

At present, this role is filled on a volunteer basis, but our goal is to transform it into a paid staff position. The responsibilities involve facilitating and mentoring the garden program curriculum for our neurodivergent clients.
$17.50 /per hour

Purchase a Greenhouse

Birds sure love our seedlings! With your help, we can keep them safe from those hungry beaks by getting a durable greenhouse.
$300.00 & up

Buy Texas Land & Build a Farm

With your support, we aim to purchase land in Texas for a communal, residential farm where individuals can come together to grow food, foster relationships, and live harmoniously with nature for generations to come.
Price: Give what feels right for you
Photo of a latina woman with glasses and wearing a yellow tshirt working outdoors in a raised bed.

You're not alone, we're in this together

As neurodivergent caregivers ourselves, we understand what every day is like, and are here to support you. Your loved one deserves a place where they feel safe, accepted, and cherished. Together we'll create a safe haven of beauty that honors their uniqueness and celebrates your unwavering dedication.