Kathleen Day-Gomez

Autist | ADHD

Kathleen Day-Gomez


Kathleen is a wife, mother, and internationally published artist and wears many hats as Editor-in-Chief, C.E.O., creative director, artist, photojournalist, copywriter, social media manager, and staff manager of the T.F.I.A. Magazine-of-The-Year, Pepper Magazine. She is also an author, creative consultant, and intuitive life coach. She ran a magical online boutique called The Imaginarium Wonder Emporium and serves on the Advisory Board for Alora Farm a 501(c)(3) public charity for adult and teen autists.

Her son - an neurovariant artist, has, under her tutelage, has had his work be internationally published. A philanthropic family, they seek ways to get involved in their community and help with global humanitarian issues. Kathleen is a true testament to the power of art and creativity, and her work is sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who encounters it.

Photo of Kathleen Day-Gomez. An atractive blonde woman. She is dressed in business attire, navy blue. A white blouse, gold earrings and buttons. She is wearing a gold chain and is smiling.




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