Chelsea Delaney


Chelsea Delaney


Chelsea is a self-taught, autistic, gender fluid artist.  After spending many years in the world of words, both as writer and teacher, his innate love of the visual began to wake up during some training in expressive arts therapy.  He uses color, which he is straight up in love with, to do the work metaphor does for words.  

He works primarily in acrylic and mixed media to mirror the layered process of living we all go through, and share the questions we're all asking.  Can I...?  What if...?  Where is...?  When does...?  Who will...? and many more.  Another thing he loves?  Texture!  Please, oh please, touch the art!!

But does this mean he's forgotten about words?  Of course not!  Every creative project has a medium, a voice that best suits it, and the ability to move between these voices makes Chelsea unique in both his creations and how he coaches others.  The end goal is always to create a space where our stories can be heard.

Photo of Kathleen Day-Gomez. An atractive blonde woman. She is dressed in business attire, navy blue. A white blouse, gold earrings and buttons. She is wearing a gold chain and is smiling.




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