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Idolising Rebekah

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Chapter One

“What do you mean that’s how she wants to do it?” Christian Howard shouted. He had been shouting for what felt like hours at Madame Adeline.

Elle McDahl was getting sick of hearing his voice. She sighed and slumped back in the chair, trying to ignore the tingling pain in her right fingertips. The doctors had told her that this was ‘phantom pain’. After reading into it, she understood what it meant; a pain for something that isn’t there anymore.

The lightbulbs shone brightly from the mirror’s frame, making some of the glitter that Elle was wearing sparkle. Of course, she wore this glitter as part of her makeup and her dress. Her face was covered with light foundation that matched her pale skin and white eyeliner was coated on tomake the green diamonds in her eyes rise out of their place to gain everyone’s attention. On her slim body, she was wearing a strapless golden cocktail dress and a pair of silver high heel shoes –which made her grow from five foot ten to six foot – that sparkled just as much as her glittery makeup. In her long blonde hair she wore a small red gardenia.

Elle had put all of this on half-an-hour ago, and she flourished in the feeling that she had become a real Rebekah Kara – a goddess in human form. Rebekah was a young brunette model and, like Elle, was tall and slim, and had an electronic prosthetic arm that was specially designed for her. Elle imagined that would have cost a fortune. As she thought about the model, Elle pulled out her smartphone, unlocked it and clicked onto Instagram, finding Rebekah’s page and looking at the hundreds of photos and videos posted by the beautiful model. The thing that Elle liked about many of them was that Rebekah would be acting silly and seemed to want to make her fans smile and laugh on a gloomy day. One video that made Elle feel great was when Rebekah was using an app called Dubsmash where she was seemingly getting her makeup done, but she was lip-synching to the beginning of a song before smacking her face in a plate of fish and sushi. Seeing this always made Elle smile, and that was why she stayed up all night watching videos of her idol strutting her sides left to right on every catwalk around the globe. Rebekah Kara was a prolific young model who had no fear in showing who she truly was. The fact that Rebekah was in the audience tonight both filled Elle with excitement yet also frightened her to death. Her mind was spinning – what will she think what will she think.

          “We have some important industry people out there tonight,” Christian’s voice whispered outside the door. “How are they going to feel about that?”

          “Who cares what they will think of it?” Adeline’s modulated yet firm voice replied.

          “But they haven’t seen her without it,” Christian’s loud posh English voice shouted. “Hell,she has worn it in every shoot that we have seen her in.”

          “Well, now she wishes not to.

          ”Madame Adeline, you can’t be serious!“

           "I have never been more serious in my life, Monsieur Howard."

          “They’ll see her as a freak!”

          "Who? A bunch of internet trolls?"

          ”The professionals!”

Christian was the casting manager for the fashion show and had been looking for models around the time Adeline signed Elle to the agency AlaMode, one of the most famous and respected modelling agencies in the world. Christian mostly went for models who were over six foot tall and either had stupidly skinny bodies or had six packs that looked like bottles were surgically placed in their stomachs. It wasn’t so much the looks of the models that annoyed Elle, but rather his insistence not to add people like her to the line-up.

Adeline, on the other hand, knew how passionate Elle was. She was a middle aged woman with long black hair, and she was both one of the world’s most prominent figures in the fashion industry and the founder of AlaMode. She turned away many respected models for Elle – she saw something in her. Something unique, something pure, something human.

Just then, Elle’s older sister, Naomi McDahl, walked into the mirror, standing behind Elle. She was a small woman, with shoulder-length red hair and a round face. She wore a black vest,skirt and leggings, with a red cardigan and pink Converse shoes. Naomi’s most striking feature was her smile – it showed the wonderful soul inside, but the reassurance that, even on her worst days, she was happy to see you.

          “What are you doing here?” Elle asked, clutching her big sister tightly.

          “I left the Eiffel Tower early,” Naomi’s warm voice answered. “Thought I’d come by and see you.

          ”You really didn’t have to,” Elle said. “I can look after myself.

          ”I know.” Naomi continued as she let go of Elle. “Are you excited for tonight?

          ”Nervous.” Elle replied, taking hold of Naomi’s arm with her left hand.

          “You’ll be amazing,” Naomi said. “You always are.” Elle smiled, but wondered how amazing things would go tonight. With people like Christian, it may not be so. People like him never seemed to care for the misfortunes that Elle has had to face. The complications she endured ever since that night happened.

Chapter Two

It had been a few years ago now. Elle had signed to AlaMode her sixteenth birthday and a week later, she was living her dream on the first photoshoot she ever did. It was a difficult day, but Elle never complained, even when she was late going to lunch or felt a bit tired when having to wait for things to be set up. It was her big chance and she had no thought of wasting it. 

It was seven o’clock in the evening when she finished, and as it was in the middle of winter,it was extremely cold and damn near impossible to see with nights becoming longer. It was also snowing and the roads were icy, so there were warnings all over the news in Crewe. However, Elle still insisted on walking alone, having always liked walks at night. They always calmed her down after a stressful day and the night always presented many beautiful sights to see on the way home;and Elle stopped by one beautiful sight. A pair of thin trees were outside a local supermarket and about a hundred Christmas lights were dangling from the branches of both, illuminating the path and road. Elle was so enchanted by the sight that she didn’t notice the woman running towards her, pushing her out of the way of the car that skidded off the road. The last thing Elle could remember was the excruciating pain when the car wheel rolled over her right arm. The pain tingled in her fingers once more.

Chapter Three

“You have come a long way over the last few years, love,” Naomi’s voice said kindly. Elle looked over at her sister who was now sitting in the chair next to her. “And you know that we’re all proud of you.”

          “Yeah,” Elle said. “But it doesn’t prevent the fact that…” Elle looked down gloomily. The tingling pain wasn’t as bad as it used to be. Sometimes she would be screaming in the hospital bed because it was too much. “…that I wish I could have stopped it happening.”

          Naomi slowly leaned forward and put her hand on Elle’s left forearm. She then began to gently stroke it. Elle felt like crying. She was close to it. She could feel the tears trying to force their way out, but she held them back. It’s not the time to do that.

          Just then, Madame Adeline walked over.

          “Monsieur Howard,” she began. “He has allowed for your request to happen.

          ”Elle grinned. “I guess he was pretty reluctant?”

          “Oh, yes, dear!” Adeline chuckled. “But he cares more for the good-looking ones than the talented ones.

          ”Elle gave a mocking gasp. “You trying to say something, Madame?”

          “Oh no, not at all!” She and Elle laughed. Then Adeline leaned down to Elle’s level and said “You are beautiful, my dear. Not just in looks, but in here.” She pointed to Elle’s heart.

          “I…I…” Elle struggled. She was having a difficult time holding back the tears now. “I guess you don’t get many like me, do you?”

          “People like you are common,” Adeline explained. “More than some in the industry would care to admit.

          ”Elle nodded, reluctantly agreeing.

          “With people like you around,” Naomi said. “Maybe one day, they will admit it.”

Elle grinned widely, now finding it harder than ever not to cry. When they were finished,a man in a black shirt and trousers ran over and said “Elle, two minutes.” With these words, Elle adjusted herself and stood up. Then she removed the prosthetic and walked with Adeline.“Good luck!” Naomi called to her.

Chapter Four

Elle wasn’t entirely sure, but as she walked down to the backstage area with Adeline, she caught Christian looking at her and it didn’t friendly in any way. This gave her an unnerving feeling, but of course, Elle kept herself civil as always as she stepped into the line to the stage.

          “You’ll do fine,” Adeline said. “Stand straight and let the confidence shine.”

          As Adeline turned away, Elle immediately did as she said and stood up as straight as a flagpole. The fashion show had already begun and she could hear the cheers behind the silk white curtains. She could feel stares at the back of her and heard some of the other models whispering. Elle tried to pay no attention. She was used to such ignorance by now.


          ”Elle cranked her head back and saw a tall model with an unbuttoned shirt behind her. It was Brad, one of the most handsome           male models at the event. Elle gasped upon seeing him.

          “Rebekah Kara is out there tonight,” Brad whispered. “It makes things a lot more nerve wracking, doesn’t it?”

          Elle nodded, trying to keep her eyes away from his body.

          “Yeah it does,” Elle whispered back. “Hopefully, she’ll notice one of us.”

          “Oh, she’ll notice you alright!” Brad said with a smile. At first, Elle was tempted to frown and turn away, but Brad quickly said “No,           no, I don’t mean like that! I meant that---”

Elle blocked out Brad’s voice and quickly looked away. She heard idiotic things like this so many times before and knew how it would end before it had begun. Brad quickly went silent.

It suddenly occurred to Elle that perhaps he didn’t mean it in quite the way she thought he did. Perhaps he was simply being polite and complimenting her, but her mind told her to take offence immediately. She’d talk to him later after the show. After all, some people don’t always realise what their words sound like until they have been uttered.

          Just then, an announcement raised up. “Coming next to the stage – Miss Elle McDahl!

          ”A few claps and cheers sounded through the curtains. Elle breathed in deeply, let out a sigh and walked out onto the long stage.

The flashing lights blinded her. Elle couldn’t see anyone’s face as she strutted forward,feeling her hips swaying left and right. Her body was shaking and her blood was like ice as she walked. Elle stopped at the edge of the runway and put her left hand on her hip, fluttering her eyelids and giving the sternest of looks. Inside, she was telling herself not to show the audience how incredibly scared she was now. As Elle walked back, she caught a glimpse of someone – as mile glistened up at her with kindness and pride. Elle’s heart leaped as she realised who it was.

As she walked offstage, Elle smiled widely.

Rebekah smiled at me.

Editor's Note: This article was originally published in Under The Fable on May 2016 and is being republished with permission from the author. The content remains unchanged.

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