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The Audiovisual Alchemist

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Important Notice for Photosensitive Viewers:

We want to kindly alert our audience, particularly those who are photosensitive, that the videos featured in this article may contain flashing lights. These visual elements are intentionally incorporated to enhance the artistic experience. If you are sensitive to such stimuli, we recommend exercising caution or refraining from viewing the videos to ensure your comfort and well-being.

In the mesmerizing world of audiovisual art, where visuals and sounds intertwine to create immersive experiences, we encounter an artist who seamlessly weaves his unique neurotype and creative vision. Can Stafarian is an exceptional individual whose artistic endeavors are fueled by a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of all things. His story is one of passionate dedication and an unwavering pursuit of artistic expression.

Portrait of Can Stafarian wearing glasses, a black beanie, a black tee-shirt, and an earring on one ear. He has a moustache, green or blue eyes, and a discreet smile on his face.

Can shares, "As a child, I was diagnosed with ADHD, and later on, I discovered that I also have synesthesia, a condition that blends my senses in extraordinary ways." This blending of senses has had a profound impact on Can's perception of the world and the depth of his artistic creations. It allows him to experience the world in a uniquely rich and intricate manner, where sounds evoke colors, shapes, and textures, and visual stimuli resonate with emotional and auditory sensations. The fusion of these sensory experiences intertwines seamlessly in Can's mind, resulting in heightened awareness and unparalleled artistic expression.

When asked how the name Nullity was born, Can explains, "I am fascinated by the way everything in the world is interconnected, from the tiniest particles to our thoughts and emotions. It's like a cycle that emerges from nothingness and eventually dissolves back into it." This fascination with the cyclical nature of existence inspired him to choose 'Nullity' as his artistic name. The name encapsulates the essence of his creative vision, representing the inherent beauty that emerges from the void. It is this view that we see in his work. Can's artistic expression finds its medium in audiovisual art, where he effortlessly communicates his innermost thoughts and emotions. He shares, "The creation of audiovisuals holds profound beauty for me as it allows the seamless expression of my gathered observations and emotions."

Can's fascination with audiovisual art ignited during a concert by one of his favorite bands, The Prodigy, in 2013. Since then, he has embarked on a quest to delve into and refine his craft.

Can's artistic path has evolved alongside the progression of software. He began with tools like Adobe Photoshop and FL Studio, gradually advancing to Adobe After Effects and Premiere, unlocking a newfound fluidity in his creations. Eventually, he discovered TouchDesigner, a software that allowed him to express his observations and emotions with even greater versatility. Can explains, "I easily embraced TouchDesigner due to my familiarity with node-based programming from my architectural studies."

He's also been inspired by a wide variety of music.  "While Techno and EDM play prominent roles in my art, I draw inspiration from a diverse range of musical genres," shares Can. "From the intensity of Metal, Techno, IDM, Noise Music, Drum & Bass, and Breakcore, to the softer sounds of Jazz, Funk, Classical Music, and Folkloric music, my musical influences enrich my creative palette, enabling me to explore diverse sonic landscapes."

He brings this exploration to his musical partnerships. "When collaborating with DJs for live performances, synchronizing sound and visuals involves receiving frequencies through a sound interface, enabling a seamless connection between analyzed lows, mids, and highs, alongside integrating a MIDI controller," reveals Can. This meticulous synchronization ensures that the visuals flawlessly merge with the music, creating a captivating experience for the audience. When an elaborate setup is not feasible, Can relies solely on his ears to perceive the audio and his hands to orchestrate the MIDI controller to deliver synchronized visuals, guaranteeing an immersive visual experience.

A picture of the building.

Can's passion for architecture also influences his artistic aspirations. Growing up with an architect father, he was immersed in the world of construction. However, during his studies in Vienna, he realized that architecture is about more than just building structures. It involves creating spaces and curating experiences. This realization led Can to pursue Spatial Design within the field of architecture. The designs of renowned architects Santiago Calatrava, known for his parametric approach, and Tadao Ando, celebrated for his minimalistic style, have profoundly influenced Can's artistic vision. Their work has shaped his architectural understanding, fueling his desire to create meaningful experiences through innovative and simplistic design principles.

Can's artwork has evoked various responses and reactions from viewers. One of the most intriguing aspects for him is when people share that they have seen the shapes and motions from his art in their dreams—an indication of his art's profound impact on the subconscious. On a lighter note, he recalls a humorous incident when someone jokingly accused him of being an "evil brainwashing artist" due to his art's powerful effect on them.

Looking ahead, Can envisions a future where he creates open spaces that transcend societal boundaries, offering individuals the opportunity to immerse themselves in an inclusive and immersive co-creation experience. He aspires to enhance his programming skills and explore various programming languages to customize the software he uses, tailoring it to specific requirements. While Can may not have a dedicated marketplace, he is always open to communication and commissions. Whether you desire a custom design to adorn your wall, or seek video editing for your music or commercial needs, Can creates elegant and meaningful art.

Can's artistic journey showcases the transformative potential of creativity and the deep connections that can be formed through audiovisual art. With his distinct perspective and dedication to creative expression, Can consistently captivates and engages audiences, granting them a glimpse into a realm where visuals and sounds converge, creating a rich multisensory experience. As he looks ahead, we eagerly anticipate the inspiring creations he will bring to life, inviting us all to explore the interconnected world of audiovisual art together.

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