J Quinn | Synesthetic Autist

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May 18, 2024

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Photo of abstract art by J. Quinn. Text reads: J. Quinn, hailing from the vibrant heart of Nashville, Tennessee, embodies creativity in its most unconventional form. With a unique perspective shaped by his autism and the sensory challenges it presents, Quinn has defied the boundaries of traditional artistic expression, carving his own path amidst a symphony of pixels and colors. In a world where paintbrushes and canvases fail to accommodate his sensory needs, Quinn fearlessly embraces the digital realm, skillfully harnessing the power of cutting-edge art tools and techniques. Within this digital domain, he flourishes, gracefully merging the realms of art and technology with a touch of enchantment.
Photo of three frames of abstract art. Text reads: However, Quinn's artistic journey is not solely defined by his autism. A synesthete of rare distinction, he perceives the world through a kaleidoscope of intertwined senses, where colors dance to the rhythm of sounds, where the music takes on vibrant hues, and where feelings and voices manifest as vivid pigments on his artistic palette. With this extraordinary synesthetic lens, Quinn beckons viewers to witness the world as he does—an intricate tapestry of color, sound, and emotion weaved together in perfect harmony. Fueling his creative fire is a profound yearning to infuse the digital landscape with raw emotion and the essence of humanity. He dares to explore the uncharted territory where spirituality intersects with technology, uncovering the unseen connections that bind our souls to the digital tapestry of existence. Through his work, he invites us to question, reflect, and reimagine our relationship with the digital world—a realm often dismissed as cold and devoid of the soul—by revealing the profound beauty within its circuits and algorithms.
Colorful artwork of a feminine energy. Wood nymph-like. There are colorful flowers in purples, pinks, yellow, in her hair. Her hair is brown, pink, and purple and is long. Text reads: Quinn's rare synesthesia gives him a unique perception of the world, where his senses intertwine and colors, sounds, and emotions blend together. This synesthetic lens influences his artistic palette, allowing him to create vibrant and harmonious compositions that invite viewers to experience the world as he does.
Colorful artwork of a young white boy. He is wearing a tshirt, his eyes are brown and one is slightly smaller and lower than the other. His hair is a myriad of colors including yellow, pink, blue, and blue-green. His face has drops of paint on his cheeks. No text.
Colorful artwork of a young man. His face is mostly missing except for one eye. His skin is abstract blue in color.His hair is medium length, thick, and spiky, and colorful. Large text up top says, TRANSCEND in capital letters.
Colorful artwork of a feminine energy. Wood nymph-like. There are colorful flowers in purples, pinks, yellow, in her hair. Her hair is brown, pink, and purple and is long. Text reads: IMAGINE in capital letters.
Surrealist art of a dark energy character sitting on a chair in the middle. They are wearing a long sleeved, long black garment with a collar. They have large eyes, pointed nose, and thin lips. They are golding a yellow orb in their left hand.  They are surrounded by animal-like creatures that resemble foxes, birds and other small wildlife. There are buildings in the back with pitched roofs. The sky is dark, and there is a yellow lighted disk similar to what the character in the middle is holding. This is not a rainbow colorful piece, but the use of browns, grays beige is quite colorful.Text reads: Synesthetic | Autist, Recognized for his extraordinary talent, J. Quinn stands among the luminaries of the ARTXV art collective, a gathering of boundary-pushing visionaries who redefine the limits of contemporary art. His captivating creations have graced prestigious platforms, including Google Arts & Culture, where his art transcends geographical boundaries to resonate with audiences worldwide. Moreover, his mesmerizing works have also captivated the attention of pop sensation Dua Lipa, including them in the immersive artistic experience of SERVICE95.
Surrealist art. Two light figures in white garments from head to toe are holding candles inside of a cave. They are on water. There are fish creatures swimming around. There is four more figures behind a glass watching the two.Text reads: SURREALISM in capital letters. J. Quinn's surrealist work is a captivating exploration of the subconscious, the surreal, and the interconnectedness of various sensory experiences. His art invites viewers to question reality, embrace the unconventional, and embark on a journey of self-discovery within the realms of his vibrant and thought-provoking compositions.
Surrealist art of a figure in the middle with no hair, a crown halo behind their head. They have large eyes, breasts, is wearing a long bronze-gold garment that sweeps the floor. They have four fingers on each hand. They are surrounded by animal like creatures that are winged and bound to the ground. Text reads: Quinn's surrealist work goes beyond mere visual aesthetics. It carries deeper meanings and invites contemplation on topics such as the nature of existence, the interplay between the physical and the digital realms, and the complexities of human emotions and connections.
Surrealist art. A feminine figure in the middle is on a black horse. They have breasts an is attractive. Their back is straight, head held high. This is a leader. There are buildings around them, medieval futuristic. There is a lighted disk in the sky along with other that looks like planets. There are creatures in this piece, and in the distance, small two legged figures. No text.

Discover mesmerizing compositions that redefine contemporary art! Join J. Quinn, the visionary surrealist artist, on his Instagram account.

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